Cosmetics Packaging Industry News

With the increase of beauty lovers, the market demand for cosemtics products is increasing day by day, and tthe overall global makeup market has shown a trend of grow fluctuation, the Asia-Pacific is the largest cosmetics consume market in the world.

Packaging plays a very important role in the cosmetics industry. According to market research, as more and more young people gradually urbanize and obtain more disposable income, it is also one of the growth drivers .The analysis pointed out: “Packaging innovation may have a greater impact on young people, and this group of people happens to be the main target group of most cosmetic companies.Exquisite packaging can drive the sales of cosmetics. New trends are emerging in the global cosmetic packaging industry. There has been a shift towards customization and smaller package sizes , which are smaller and more portable to use and carry in the daily life.

In the next decade,Plastics makeup packaging still the first choice for the cosemtics . however, glass will also capture a “significant share” of the market due to its increasing use in high-end products. Environmental protection is a hot topic that has been talked about in recent years, and the use of paper and wood in cosmetics packaging will also inrise.


Post time: Mar-23-2022