New Lipgloss tube

With the development of economic globalization,now many countries trade with China,also make China's culture have a greater and greater impact on the world.
As we all know, the Chinese new year has just passed,this year 2022 is the year of the tiger in dear,now we would like to share you some our new packagings which are very suitable for this year's sales theme “tiger”.

The item No. Is #9837.we have 2 most popular color effect like the following pictures:the first one is the whole frosted and make 3D printing with tiger pattern,which looks upscale and domineering.

and the second one is the whole transparent color,which looks cute and romantic.after filling different color lipgloss material inside,we can see the different color combination which is creative.

Its size is just fine,not too slim or wide.the capacity is about 5ml.easy to carry.the cap and bottle is AS material which is high transparency,excellent heat resistance, oil resistance,chemical corrosion resistance and all resistant.very suitable to use as lipgloss packaging. Products can be customized.We believe this item will have a good market.

We have this other new item which also have tiger pattern like attached pic,it is eyeshadow case,item No. is 9842.It looks luxurious.Its shape is a bit like a triangle, but its corner not very it is safe during using,don't worry about scratching your fingers.the cap with a big mirror which can see clearly during making up.the inside part has 7 colors palettes.It can be filled with different color of eye shadow, so that customers can have more choices.The size of the palettes inside is different,has irregular and symmetrical beauty.the material is AS,too,which is very hard and high quality.this one also can be can be made as a collection with the tiger pattern lipgloss also can chose other our products and to make 3D printing as you need to make as a collection.We believe this one will be very popular.any interest,pls kindly contact us~

Shantou huasheng plastic co.,ltd.

Post time: Feb-18-2022