2023 CBE Shanghai Exhibition


After over fews year of lockdown and being hidden by masks, lips are making a comeback! Consumers are once again excited about getting glammed up, going out and wanting to refresh their lip products.



As for Packaging, recently Refillable Lipsticks are increasing in demand not only due to their sustainability benefits amongst eco-conscious consumers but also because of their effortless, aesthetically pleasing designs .

Refillable Lipstick design has no longer limited to more premium and high end beauty brands such as Hermes, Dior and Kjaer Weise, Fast fashion brand ZARA has also recently launched their beauty line with Refillable Lipstick packs, as refillable design has gained their momentum.



Another popular design recently which has been seen popping up on our screens a lot (since physical shopping is less of an option) is the Gooseneckdesign. As the name suggests, the Gooseneckpacks have an extra long neck design that extends under the cap. This elongated neck design helps to ensure the pack looks fuller for longer, without the need of a cheaterbandor collar at the neck. 




Last but not least is the Lip Balm, Lip Scrub and Lip Mask trend, emerged from the Selfcare movement during the lockdown. With the No-Makeupmakeup trend dominating the Internet and the increasing convergence of color cosmetics and skincare, the Lip trend is not going anywhere!


At Huasheng, we have a wide variety of Lip Packaging options to suit your brandsformulation, ranging from the trending, skincare-oriented Lip Balm and Jar packs, to sustainable Lipstick packs and innovative applicator Tube Packaging and more! If youre interested to learn more about our Lip Packaging options, please check out our Featured Products, or contact us!

Post time: May-11-2023

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