Stackable design in trends


In order to satisfy consumer requirements on color variations, Fancy and Trend introduces a stackable cosmetic packaging component that can be filled with lip gloss, eye shadow, and any of the make-up products in liquid or powder form.

According to this requirment,Shantou Huasheng provides some stackable cosmetic packaging which can be used with many function,and aslso allows users to assemble independent components together effortlessly. Consumers benefit from this free selection design and are able to opt whatever color to carry with accordingly.


Stackable makeup jars are compact, They take up much less space all stacked together. Good seal character without worrying of staining your baggage.


The color selection is gigantic. All the colors are representative, so it suitable for everyone needed blusher.And the layer number also can be customized.


The lipsticks adopts a muti-color combination design, and the lipstick colors can be switched freely.This package can satisfy all of you Makeup lip gloss color matching, fashionable and affordable.

Post time: Dec-13-2022

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