Ecological awareness has entered a wide range of areas in our everyday lives. We are more consistent when it comes to separating waste, we ride our bikes and take public transport more often, and we also choose reusable products – or at least we do in an ideal world. But not all of us have firmly integrated these actions into our daily lives – far from it. However, NGOs, activists and movements like Fridays for Future, along with corresponding reports in the media, are ensuring that our society increasingly starts to rethink its actions at every level.
To stop global warming, we need to take a closer look at a lot of issues. In this context, packaging is a recurring topic, and is often devalued to a must-not-have product. And this despite the fact that the packaging industry has already presented numerous innovative products that prove that packaging can indeed be sustainable whilst still fulfilling its elemental protective function. Here, the use of sustainable raw materials and recycling play just as great a role as energy and material efficiency.
One trend that has become more and more prevalent in this area in the skincare and cosmetics sector in the past years is refillable cosmetics packaging. With these items, the primary packaging can be used several times; users only need to replace the consumer goods, as is the case with liquid soaps, for example. Here, manufacturers generally offer maxi-size soap refill packs that can be used for several refills, and thus save material.


In future, companies and consumers will pay more attention to sustainable product design.

More and more cosmetics manufacturers are offering refillable solutions for decorative cosmetics, as well. Here, packaging that is both high-quality and visually appealing is in high demand.


Interchangeable eyeshadow palettes, making the entire case reusable


The metal elegant outer packaging can be used for years and refillable


Double sides refillable lipstick tube is the newest design. There have a magnetic design so that the inner cup can take out and refillable.

Post time: Jul-13-2022